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Let`s get to work on answering all the questions you may have right now and give you all the information you need with your new boiler.

How do I get my new boiler fitted?

If you`re looking for boiler installation in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, look no further. Our 4 step process to your new boiler.

1 Contact us

You can use any method you like to contact us. We are happy to arrange any appointments with you on the phone, by text or email. What ever suits your needs.

2 Home survey

Our survey won`t take long and is not intrusive at all. We do this to ensure your quotation is accurate and all of your expectations are met. We can carry out your survey at a time that suits you. If that`s an evening or weekend, not a problem, we know you`re busy.

3 Quote

Your tailored quotation will cover everything you said you wanted when we visited your home. Unlike some companies, our home visit ensures your quote is accurate, meaning you do not pay over the odds for what you need. We`ll also give you 3 options of boiler to choose from. 

4 Installation

We will arrive within the specified time window and get to work protecting your home with dust sheets before doing anything. We will outline the plan for day and make sure you are happy. You will be shown how to use your lovely new boiler and will clean up as if we were never there.

What type of boiler do I need?

Most homes in the UK have mains gas, and there are three main types of condensing boiler to choose from:

A combi boiler is also known as a combination boiler. Combi boilers are highly efficient and compact, making them ideal for smaller homes. The name Combi comes from the fact that these boilers are able to act as both a water heater and also a central heating unit. 

Combi boilers work by heating water directly from the mains, so you don’t need a hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank. This is ideal for smaller properties without airing cupboard or roof space. This heating method also makes them very energy efficient and affordable to run, as water is not heated and stored. 

The majority of new boiler installations in Plymouth are for combi boiler`s.

A system boiler directly heats your central heating and also produces hot water for your storage cylinder. It is a heat only boiler and works in a similar way to a conventional boiler, however it includes additional units within the boiler itself such as an expansion vessel and a pressure release valve.

A hot water storage tank will always be required with a system boiler, as it needs somewhere to store the water it has heated. A system boiler doesn’t however require a cold water tank, saving space and making them more suitable for smaller homes than a regular boiler.

A conventional boiler system is made up of a number of parts including a boiler, heating controls, a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage cistern plus a feed and expansion cistern. A regular boiler can often be found in older, larger homes and less are being installed as time goes by.

A conventional boiler system is fed by two tanks which are located in the loft. One of these, the cold water storage tank, draws cold water from the mains supply for your hot water. The other is the feed and expansion tank, which feeds the boiler system and manages any water that expands in the system after being heated.

We will be able to inform you on the different types of boiler and provide you with a suitable recommendation based on your property and your hot water usage.

What boiler brand is the best?

Choosing the best boiler brand can be a real head scratcher. We are on hand to give you impartial advice on our experience with the the most popular boiler brands when it comes to your new boiler installation in Plymouth, Ivybridge, Tavistock, South Brent, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, Callington, Liskeard, Saltash and Looe . 

We have highlighted 6 of the main boiler brands. The star ratings below are based upon our own experience`s in installing, maintaining and servicing each brand of boiler. 

If you have any questions about any boiler brand, get in touch.  

New boiler Plymouth - Vaillant logo and boiler

German brand Vaillant has been in the heating market for more than 135 years. Vaillant now sells products in more than 80 countries, including the UK.

Build quality
Value for money
New boiler Plymouth -

British manufacturer Worcester Bosch has been making domestic gas boilers since 1962. It employs more than 2,000 people in Worcester and Derbyshire and is part of the multinational Bosch Group.

Build quality
Value for money
New boiler Plymouth - logo and boiler

Baxi is an East Midlands-based boiler brand founded in 1866. It’s now part of BDR Thermea, which also includes the boiler brands Potterton and Main, and is one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe.

Build quality
Value for money
New boiler Plymouth - Ideal boiler and logo

Hull-based boiler brand Ideal has been around for more than 100 years, and was originally called The National Radiator Company.

Build quality
Value for money
New boiler Plymouth - Glow worm boiler and logo

British boiler brand Glow-worm has more than 75 years of experience in the heating business and says it is committed to ‘top quality, reliability and exceptional durability’.

Build quality
Value for money
New boiler Plymouth - boiler and logo

Vokera operates in the UK and Northern Ireland and provides domestic gas condensing boilers for homes of any size.

Build quality
Value for money

Will a new boiler save me money?

A new boiler may save you money if it`s old and inefficient.

According to Energy Saving Trust, here’s what you can expect when upgrading an old gas boiler with a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs).

Here`s an example of potential annual savings based on replacing a G rated boiler for each property type. 

Semi-detached house

Detached house

Mid terrace house

Mid floor flat

How much is a new boiler?

The cost of a new boiler will vary based upon on what type of boiler you have or want and the brand of boiler you go for. In general, the more complicated the job is, the higher the cost.

Our no obligation quotations will come with 3 options of boiler chosen to suit your requirements. 

We have broken down what will affect the cost of your new boiler installation. Finance available through Phoenix.

The boiler will be normally be the largest part of the overall cost. Your installation cost will vary depending on the boiler brand you choose and its KW size.

If your new boiler is a like for like swap, the installation cost will be less than a system change or a back boiler conversion. 

Vertical flues that exit through your roof will generally be more expensive than short flues that exit your home on an external wall.  

Some installations/boiler brands may require a larger gas pipe size to what you currently have installed. 

Relocating your new boiler to another room or location will involve more work than simply refitting a new boiler in position of your old one. 

Depending on the age and functionality of your heating controls, they may need upgrading to comply with the current regulations. 

What next?

We will always size your boiler to match your needs. Over sizing can lead to wasted energy (and of course money).

We will consider things like the number of occupants in your property, if you will need to use multiple showers or taps at once and the kind of space available. We fit the three most common types of boiler and central heating options; system boilers, conventional boilers and combi boilers. All the boilers we fit are condensing boilers. 

If you would like to work with us on your new boiler installation in Plymouth, Ivybridge, Tavistock, South Brent, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, Callington, Liskeard, Saltash or Looe, get in touch, we`d love to hear from you.

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